Friday, February 6, 2009

Evangelical Atheism

Strong, strident, evangelical atheism is a political strategy to force thought and discussion. The more atheism is brought out of the darkness and discussed openly the more people will be willing to identify as an atheist. In this way hearts and minds can be brought to the truth.

As an atheist I want to recruit people. I do not want any important public decision made by anyone who believes in superstitious non-sense. The stakes are too high to tolerate and humor such ignorance.


RonJon said...

I hear atheists all the time refer to religion as "superstitious non-sense". I'm curious to know how you came to that conclusion. How do you KNOW it's superstition and not truth?

Please don't take this question as an ad hominem attack. I'm really trying to figure this out. I really want to know why atheists believe that religion is nothing more than superstition.

Is your claim that religion is superstition simply an ad hominem or to you really believe that based on evidence?

Thanks for your time.

unimatrix0 said...

Thanks for the comment.

In so far as someone references the supernatural, e.g. magical thinking, miracles, virgin birth, resurrection, etc., is superstitious non-sense. All any of us have evidence for is the natural world. To posit something beyond the natural world is "superstitious non-sense".


Eldon Tyrell said...

Excellent post. Its time for Atheists to abandon the Martin Luther King approach and take up the mantle of Malcolm X:

Power never takes a back step - only in the face of more power.
- Malcolm X,

If you are in charge of a technology company then you OWE science a great burden of debt. When it comes time to invest... REMEMBER who has taken a stance against science.

Boycott Louisiana for their creationist bill!

Boycott Mississippi for their creationist bill!

alejandro said...
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alejandro said...

Yea lets believe in unicorns and pokemon you cant tell me they not real because you cant prove it but that does not make it any more real than me flying into space with an apple.

In other words believing that your not stupid is not the same that you know that your not stupid.

I rather be knowledgeable then bee ignorant that is why im non religious i dont help people because is my belief or my teachings i do it because i know is a good thing to do and it will help a person. I love this world and i want everyone to be treated equal i dont care if your gay, stupid, hispanic, asian,small,big or green in color.

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