Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sex in the dumpster

POLICE have arrested a young naked couple after they were discovered having sex in the back of a garbage truck.
The police officer's surprise discovery came after reports of people walking suspiciously behind a business in an area of British Columbia last week.

"When the officer was out of his car having a look around, checking doors he could hear noises coming from the dumpster," said Sgt. John Price. 

The officer called out and got no response, so he pulled out his flashlight and took a look inside. 

"He peeked over the edge and in the bottom of the dumpster, a man and a woman (were) full-on nude, intertwined, oblivious to his presence," Price said, confirming the pair were in the act. 

The couple complied when ordered to put on their clothes and get out of the dumpster. 

A 26-year-old man was taken into custody  on an unrelated outstanding warrant. A 30-year-old woman was simply told to go home.

Jesus license plates in Florida

 Check out the proposed new religious license plates for the state of Florida: The "Trinity" plate proposed by Sen. Gary Siplin, D-Orlando, (see above).

Jesus is to be mass-produced, imprinted on metal, given a reflective coat and sold for money. His crown of thorns will lie just beneath the "FLORIDA" across the top of the plate; his outstretched arms will be truncated to the left and right by the tag numbers, so that one does not actually see the cross, the nails, the wounds — no, we would not have that! The words "SUNSHINE STATE" will be stamped across his unscathed, unlashed torso.

And yet, if even this censored Passion is still too strong for one's taste, the Legislature is producing an alternative "faith" plate as well, that one with a stained-glass window, a prettied-up cross and the slogan, "I Believe."

Is this a good idea? Is this freedom of religion?  Is this state endorsed religion?  Is this just tacky?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Englishwoman fined for noisy sex

A 47-year-old Englishwoman has been convicted of flouting a city order to keep her love-making sessions quiet, officials said.

The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday that Caroline Cartwright, 47, was found guilty of breaching a noise abatement notice served on her after police received 25 complaints about her loud sessions with husband Steve.

She was fined more than $760, The Sun reported.

"I am not making the noise on purpose," she told magistrates in Sunderland. "I have no desire to hurt anybody or damage any property."

Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Gun Control Please!

In Pittsburgh on Saturday, 
three police officers were murdered, reportedly by an assault-weapon wielding man shooting ‘hundreds of shots’ who apparently believed the gun lobby propaganda that an ‘Obama gun ban’ would lead to his ‘rights being infringed upon.’

This was just a day after 13 were gunned down in Binghamton, New York by a murderer who reportedly ‘hated America and talked about assassinating the President’ while his former co-workers felt that someday he might ‘come in mad one day and shoot people.’ These shootings were preceded by a month of shootings including eight shot dead in a North Carolina nursing homefive in a Santa Clara, California shooting, four police officers in Oakland and ten in Alabama.

After each horrific shooting, some leaders in Washington have said the solution is to do nothing, simply continue to enforce the existing laws, just as we have been doing.  The gun lobby, meanwhile, calls for weakening our already paltry laws to get more guns to more people in more places. 
It is time for the gun lobby to stop stoking fear among gun owners with false claims about the government.  It is time for the gun industry to stop capitalizing on those ginned-up fears to spread weapons of war among the public. 

The gun lobby’s rhetoric has consequences. Today, we have seen how profound those consequences can be.

“We have a gun crisis in America.  As important as the economic crisis is, the right to be safe at home and work and play needs at least as much attention from our policymakers as the right to economic security. It is time for leaders in Washington to drop empty platitudes after each horrific shooting, and instead do what they're paid to do: show backbone, and enact reasonable laws to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of dangerous people.  At the very least, 
require Brady background checks for all gun salesrestrict military-style assault weapons to the military and law enforcement and help law enforcement crack down on corrupt gun sellers.  What we’re doing now is not working.

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