Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Atheist Manifesto

There is no god, or anything else that would qualify as supernatural.

Don't buy the lie. Faith is an excuse for not thinking. Belief in god is intellectual suicide.

Be brave, be strong, face the truth: we are animals here on this planet, mammals that live and die like any other mammal.

There is wonder and mystery and beauty in this world; don't waste this one life believing in some silly superstitious non-sense.

The atheist needs to prove nothing. The atheist accepts the natural world as it appears. It is the believer that must prove there is some invisible force, the proverbial old white dude in a white robe pushing all the buttons in some magic control room that no one can see.

In short, the burden of proof is on the believer.

Belief in god is dangerous; belief in god leads to war, death, pain and miserey; belief in god is a tool of oppression.

Be a zealot for the truth. It is a crime that people teach children that there is a god, and a heaven and a hell.  To force a child to accept such non-sense is an insult to the intelligence and should be treated as child abuse.

Everytime the atheist makes people more aware of the possibility of atheism it is a victory. Anytime the atheist can plant a seed of doubt it is a victory.

The fact that a majority may believe in the supernatural is not an argument for the supernatural.

At one time the majority thought blacks inferior, thought the sun revolved around the earth, and even that the earth was flat.

The majority has a horrible track record.

And it is funny how the Xians love to threaten the non-believer with hell. No doubt Jesus would be proud.

Nevertheless, we must face the truth, again and again and again. Much damage has been done.

The truth: there is no god; jesus is some dead dude, not divine but no doubt charming, and just another bag of rotting flesh.

I encourage all believers to give up the shackles of faith, the bondage of belief, the cursed darkness of religion, and be born again into the sweetness of reason and light.

Be a hero. Be an atheist!


nearenough said...

Very good summary. Yes, the burden of proof rests with the positive claimant. The non-believer (atheist, what have you) need only retort, "what ARE you talking about?" He has no burden of refutation. He merely has to not understand the theist's claim. What IS this G-o-d you are babbling about? An old man in the sky? Ha! They will run away. Then what? They don't even know themselves.

mathyoo said...

Nice post! I agree that we need to be champions for rationality, fight dogma and promote atheism to whatever degree we are able.

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